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Customer Service that is Above and Beyond! Eric was very professional, and knowledgeable. I wish I would have known about this company sooner! Courtney, Tempe AZ, One time customer

Was very impressed with Eric's knowledge about solar panel electricity. Very friendly. I had just talked to him as he was cleaning a neighbors panels, and he was able to come right over when he was finished & cleaned mine. Nice to have a young reliable man that takes pride in his work.

Wanda, Sun City West, Tri-annual Customer

I really appreciated the early morning visit, very convenient for my schedule! I was pleased with every aspect of your service, from booking online, a prompt appointment, early morning service call, arriving early for the service, and for letting me know of the other issues with my solar panels. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and neighbors! Keep up the good work and I'm sure your success will continue! Dave, tri-annual customer

We finally found someone professional, reasonable and punctual to service our solar panels. It took 4 years. Efficiency up at least 40%.

Ronald, Phoenix AZ, Tri-annual Customer

We partnered with ASU's PRL Team

For 2 months we assisted ASU's photovoltaic lab to help them study the soiling effects on panels.

According to the "U.S. Department of Energy....

"PV systems do require routine, periodic maintenance. An efficient and long-lasting system will depend on a periodic check of system components and completion of any preventive maintenance as necessary."

AZ Clean Solar LLC is the leading provider in solar panel cleaning  maintenance & bird netting.We specialize in both residential & commercial properties.

Our service technicians are experienced  in the solar industry. You can rest assured your panels are in good hands.

We use our own filtered water system, so your panels will dry virtually spot free with no chemicals or hard water left behind. Safe for your panels & safe for the environment.

Family owned & operated

Insured & Bonded

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Az Clean Solar Llc Solar Panel Cleaning Maintenance & Bird Netting

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 Our pure water           Your hose water

Did your solar provider tell you to wash your panels with your hose?

Well, we tested the hose method for you! The panels on the Left have been washed with our spot free pure water system. The panels on the Right have been washed with a hose using city water. Does it look like the hose water cleaned them good? We don't think so either, that's why we use a pure water system to clean your panels. Without a special panel brush & pure filtered water, you just cant get your panels crystal clear. Note: There was no cleaner used on these panels, just pure water.

"We put the Energy back into your Savings"

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